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  • Gun Supplies Ltd

Gun Supplies Ltd


Gun Supplies Ltd

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


New Zealand

About Company

The Owner of GUN Supplies Ltd, Don Perry, has for 40 years been an active pistol shooter, shooting IPSC, 3-Gun & Speed Steel and knows pistols like no other in the firearm industry in New Zealand and along with being a hunter all his life, understands the frustrations experienced by all shooters trying to source quality product as and when they want or need them.

Gun Supplies Ltd was formed as a Web Based company back in 2007 to primarily supply products to Pistol Club Members shooting IPSC, 3-Gun and Steel Challenge Competitions and for the first seven years supplied the Pistol Club Members with Firearms & Accessories like never before available in New Zealand. In 2014 Gun Supplies opened a Retail Outlet after spending nearly 18 months building a purpose built building that could openly display Pistols & MSSA's in a showroom like never seen in any other gun shop in New Zealand.

With the opening of the new shop the product range has been expanded to include all allied product that has appeal to the general shooter, hunters and outdoors people, it's now a shop that has all the shooters needs. The shop also has a large display area for "A" Category firearms, displayed in such a way the customer can come into the shop and fondle their firearm of choice, in their own time.

As part of the expansion into the new premises a purpose build engineering shop was added and with the latest CNC machinery, Gun Supplies now manufacturers and produces many items. Under the Brand Name GBC (Gun & Bell Custom) we have the Chaos Series of Pistols we manufacturer, both in Open & Standard Class for IPSC Shooters, we also produce the DarkForce Pistol Carbine Conversion Kits for the CZ SP-01 Pistols, Complete upper 22LR Conversion Assemblies for 1911/2011 Pistols, Side Racking AR Upper Receivers, 1911 Parts, AR Parts, complete Purpose Built Bolt Action Rifles plus much more and the development never stops there, always coming up with new items, just keep watching this space.

For Gun Supplies to be able to manufacture these items as mentioned above, we need to be able to source from around the world quality parts & products at a reasonable price, but more importantly in an acceptable time span, we do all the importing ourselves, dealing with the overseas companies directly or through an agent. All documentation is completed by ourselves as required to meet all oversea countries laws and regulations, this helps speed up the importing process.

GUN Supplies Ltd philosophy is to give good advice, have good people working for them that knows and understands the shooter needs, but most importantly having staff that have the knowledge in the first place to pass it on. Dave Read, senior sales consultant at Gun Supplies Ltd has over 35 years of knowledge and experience to pass on. Colin Bell our gunsmith has 20 years of gunsmithing up his sleeve and is the only true pistol gunsmith in NZ that we are aware of.