• GLAVPATRON  Cartridges Manufactory Ltd. Company

GLAVPATRON Cartridges Manufactory Ltd. Company


GLAVPATRON Cartridges Manufactory Ltd. Company

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




English, Russian

About Company

The decision to create Cartridges Manufactory Ltd. in 2003 was made with the purposes of the development of Russian shooting sport and supporting of growing requirements of cartridges for smoothbore gun in the Russian market.

The production of cartridges was organized on the basis of Tulsky Patronny zavod JSCo. One of the oldest Italian company "Baschieri & Pellagri" was chosen as a partner. In this company production experience of sporting and hunting ammunition for smoothbore gun underlay the production of Cartridges Manufactory Ltd.

Nowadays the developing production adopts production experience of foreign and Russian colleagues, and gains its own experience with the help of recommendations of leading Russian sportsmen and hunters.

The first success was made at the World Championship in sporting in July 2004. Then for the first time in Russia this Championship was held on the territory of the sport complex "FOX LODGE" (Moscow), where teams from England, Italy and Spain won the first, second and third medal places and shot with cartridges of the brand "Glavpatron".

Since the perfect quality of cartridges of the brand “Glavpatron” have been repeatedly confirmed. The leading Russian sportsmen in clay pigeon shooting and sporting regularly win medal places at Russian and International competitions using our cartridges.