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About Company

We are looking for suppliers of 4.5 mm pcp airguns and accessories. 


We are based in Denmark.


We are building a business around the professional use of 4.5 mm pcp airguns for pest control, mainly rats. So we will have our hands on the products on a daily base. Not to sell - but to use. We will build up clients who can see the benefits of buying their equipment of people who have actual knowledge of the airguns. People who are passionate and wants to grow with the hobby of shooting pcp.


We are active on many airguns sites around the world, following the trends in the clients demands on the same time as feeding our own private curiosity. So it is a passion. Not just 'in it for the money'. And we aim to make our costumers get that experience and feeling too! It is about heart.


We will post in writing, photography and videos on a weekly basis, keeping close with the clients. 

One of the team members is a professional photographer. Another has many years experience of building up hype online using the internet as market place. Also the skills of building web sites, including web shop with multiple languages. We will be using a shop in Danish, English and German. 

Subjects of postings online will be modifications of the rifles we sell, and testing rifles for optimal performance, depending on the intended use. Also postings from pest controlling at night, using infra-red light and equipment. And your rifle?


We will also sell rifles with custom modifications to meet the clients need. Regulators, hammer size, barrels, trigger adjustment, silencers etc.. All of these subjects will be covered by videos and posts too.


We are in the beginning of the process, and ready to make the first buy, to set up the web shop (and physical shop too). Our first buy will be modest, it will be to test the functions involved in the trade. Once we have found a way that work for us, we will set all powers to boost sales on that specific rifle, or accessory.


We hope to hear from you, as we are ready to promote your pcp air rifle and be your diplomats - in Denmark!


On behalf of the team here:


Jesper Dyre Sø (CEO)