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  • Feinwerkbau GmbH

Feinwerkbau GmbH


Feinwerkbau GmbH

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Dutch, English, German

About Company

The Feinwerkbau Company was founded after the World War II by the senior engineers Karl Westinger und Ernst Altenburger. It was registerd in 1951. Till the 1960th the assembly and supply of precision components to well known companies built the main volume of sales. At the same time an electronic calculation machine was developed which was one of the most modern things at this time and Olympia factory in Wilhelmshaven produced them in large quantities. Till 1975 all  Olympia electronic calculation machines were produced in Oberndorf. After re-establishment of the German Shooting Federation in 1956, the advanced and skilled Feinwerkbau founders created and developed their first air rifle for shooting competitions. The air rifle had a side lever cocking mechanism, a fixed sighting and a recoilless action. This caused a sensation in the 60th and sparked many sport shooters all over the world. Soon all records were broken. So the target got minimized but still the best results were realized with Feinwerkbau air rifles. Same happened in 1965 with Feinwerkau air pistols.

With those products Feinwerkbau was able to contribute to an increased level of shooting sport all over the world. Besides this Feinwerkbau was also able to grow by itself, to optimize the production and especially to develop high precise sporting weapons.

In accordance with the modern requirements the spring driven weapons were followed by carbon dioxide driven air rifles and air pistols, as well as sporting weapons driven by pre-compessed air and today with compressed air. A sporting pistol AW93 with recoil compression and a complete small bore rifle program rounds out the Feinwerkbau sport weapon portfolio.

Even today Feinwerkbau produces high precision components and mini series for well know companies. This animates the CEOs and the whole staff to highest accurateness in precision and quality about all the products.


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