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FANTONI Srl Knife Technology


FANTONI Srl Knife Technology

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Manufacturer (own production)




Italian, English

About Company

Fantoni produces quality hunting, tactical and diving knives since 1980. They are using different traditional and modern technologies for processing of martensitic, austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, for heat and surface treatments in relation to specific uses. Even the auxiliary materials are selected primarily in relation to the function of a knife. It was certainly the first Italian company in this industry sector to use a designer, starting with Moris Baroni, who collaborated since 1985 on several of our projects, to R.W.Loveless, William W. Harsey, Tommaso Rumici and at last Chris Reeve.

The design in a knife consists of aesthetics and functionality, materials, processes, treatments and systematic checks are the result of appropriate and scrupulous choices gained over time in high tech environments. The production processes, then, are consequential to achieve the prescribed quality. Relationships with customers, past and new, located in various parts of the world are of great help to grow in the knowledge that concern the development of new technologies for product and process.

The Fantoni puts special care in choice of steel that must be of excellence in chemical composition, purity and mechanical properties. Even in this case, the knowledge, the experience and practice of Fantoni were of great help in defining the product lines and related manufacturing processes. The Fantoni, confirming their knowledge of technology, is proud to be partner with some of the most prestigious steel plants to develop and test new types of Steel.

The Fantoni till now has produced almost exclusively with the trademarks of customers (Gerber, Lone Wolf Knives, Beretta, Oceanic, Aqualung, Sea Quest, Suunto). Now is pleased to present the market with their own brand. The experiences gained in other areas of high technology (Turbine Blades)has led at the Introduction of Quality System Assurance that is essential in order to maintain the quality and if necessary to improve it.