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  • Electrooptic Ltd.

Electrooptic Ltd.


Electrooptic Ltd.

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Byelorussian, English

About Company

Electrooptic Ltd is a leading manufacturer and designer of electro-optical devices since 1996. The company produces and offers more than 30 various products nowadays. Our products are represented in 2 main categories, designed for different market areas.
The  first  category  belongs  to  scientific  research  and  incorporates  infrared  viewers.  The  main consumers  of  these  products are  universities,  R&D  centers  as  well  as  the  companies  related  to optical  and  laser  technologies  and  products.  The  superior  quality and  competitive  advantages  of these products are proven and well known all over the world.
The second category belongs to night vision optics and includes conventional night vision devices, thermal  images  and  digital  night  vision  devices.  One  of  the  latest  and  the  most  innovative optoelectronic  achievement  is  a  “smart”  series,  based  on  the  up to date  and  advanced  digital technologies. The main customers of these products are security authorities, custom institutions, Civil Defense institutions, security agencies and individual hunters.
Electrooptic Ltd always strives to design and produce the highest products ever possible as well  as  expand  the  existing  ones  and  enter  the  new  markets;  therefore  we  renovate  our  design and production  facilities  and  motivate  each  employee  for  diligence  and  responsible  attitude  to execution of job duties.
The  design and production  process  of  Electrooptic  Ltd.  incorporates  all  necessary  process steps,  ranging  from  research  activities  and  going  further  to  development  and  implementation  of design  documents,  preparation  of  production  facilities,  optics  and  spare  parts,  metal  processing, up to manufacturing of ready made products.

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