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DI Optical USA Inc


DI Optical USA Inc

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Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America



About Company

DI Optical, we are a provider of sights for heavy machine gun for military forces throughout the world (ex. U.S. Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Estonia, United Kingdom, France, South Korea, NATO and so on). Based on extensive experience in heavy duty combat optics, DI now introduces new precision aiming solutions for sub-machine guns, pistol, shotguns and AR rifles. Our mission is to produce the best precision aiming solutions for small and machine guns for military, law enforcement and outdoor sporting industries.

All of our products have passed MIL-STD 810G environmental testing for military standardization (temperature, ruggedness, shock, water, fog and recoil resistance). Our Headquarter office is located in South Korea where they produce the machine gun and AR red dot sights for military and commercial use. And currently, we are making OEM products for Bushnell, Steiner and Burris. Based on our military and OEM background experiences, we have expanded our business to commercial (civilian) market to branding (DI) our optical device.

DI Optical has over 26 years of commitment to the research and development of sight solutions for small arms and machine guns.

In 1986, we saw our beginning as a telescope company doing OEM work for number of different companies. In 1990, we fulfilled our larger goal of manufacturing  optics for rifles and machine guns.  We have now been exporting optics for the last 26 years.

With our innovative technology and trusted relationships, D.I. Optical has supplied quality products to leading distributors in the USA, Europe and Asia.

DI Optical has evolved into a defense company making rifle and machine gun sights. We have some of the world’s best technology solutions for both the military and civilian markets.   Notably, our dot sight for the machine gun is the one and only machine gun-specific sight solution in the world that has passed the FCT (Foreign Comparative Testing) program of the U.S Department of Defense.

NATO has awarded us with supplier agreements of machine gun sights after battle-testing then on ships and helicopters. DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) of Korea has also adopted the models as ACTD (Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration) products in 2009.