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Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America



About Company

We are proud to specialize in the highest quality derringer firearms. Each of our guns are completely made here in the USA by our highly experienced craftspeople. The derringer has long stood as the ultimate full power concealable firearm. Available in every caliber, the Americn Derringer offers a small size and weight with a big bore and the safety of a single action only firearm. The derringer can be easily carried in a purse or pocket without special clothing. We offer firearms ranging from .22 to .45-70/.410, and in every imaginable style. We also offer a special line of customized derringers to reflect your personal preferences and needs.

We invite you to customize your own American Derringer by selecting from our entire product line of sensibly priced accessories. We offer a full showcase of grips, including our new custom cameo grips, holsters, ammo and the Lady Derringer line of products. And to show our heart is in the right place, delicate and enticing perfume, cologne and tasteful ties are available for the discriminating taste.

You are invited to see and explore our products and detailed information about American Derringer on the following pages. It only takes a few minutes to download the colorful pictures and the wait is well worth it...so come and be "accessorized" with ADC!

Look inside and then let us know what you think. Mark American Derringer as a Bookmark or Favorites Page and check back often, since we are always adding new exciting products and special offerings. For your convenience, all of our accessories can be ordered directly from these web pages.