• Departament Uzbrojenia Marcin Krawczyk

Departament Uzbrojenia Marcin Krawczyk


Departament Uzbrojenia Marcin Krawczyk

Type of company:

Trading company



About Company

The Armaments Department has been operating on the market in the broadly defined field of security and defense didactics for over 10 years. The projects implemented by the company cover fields directly related to armaments, comprehensive protection of business and its representatives, trade in weapons, ammunition and accessories.

An important branch of the Department of Armament are shooting, tactical and medical training conducted at the highest level based on internationally recognized professionals operating equipment proven in combat and defending the best brands that we offer in sales as well as lending for training and training purposes. Although the majority of our clients and students have a contact, military and business past, we do not close to the civilian market areas, which results in successfully conducted events based on field activities, on the shooting range, in specialized vehicles or tactically adapted buildings where fun intertwines With the realities of combat tasks. We pay special attention in the case of school and event projects to maintaining safety rules, primarily protecting the lives and health of participants by ensuring safe participation in extremely realistic conditions.