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Denli Dipcik


Denli Dipcik

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Manufacturer (own production)



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Turkish, English

About Company

Denli Dipcik A.S. have been in business for since 1982 and take great pride in high quality gunstock blanks.

We are also one of the biggest supplier of the major manufacturers and custom gunsmiths the world over.

Manufacturing custom and production gunstocks for hundreds of models of rifles and shotguns, two-piece rifles, black powder long/short gunstocks and pistol grips - made from the finest Turkish walnut wood.

We only use walnut logs from Circassian mountains, which are min. 100+ years old, harvested from eastern  parts of Turkey for our productions. The valleys of Circassian mountains, where these special walnut trees (Juglans Regia) grow contain a lot of minerals, which give the walnut these beautiful colors

We do not have a company logo. So no need to use in anywhere.

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