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Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production), Trading company (dealer, distributor)



Established in:



Danish, English

About Company

At Danishkydex, we can offer you a strong and solid solution for kydex casing and thermoplastic, we are a professional and committed company that makes everything in casing and other accessories in kydex. We do not compromise on quality or execution. Since 2016, we have made many different solutions / holsters for both private individuals, sports shooters, security companies, the defense, the national police and SOF units. We have our personal experiences with kydex from the defense, and through our broadcasts to the world's focal points, and especially as a shooter in various sports shootings, including ipsc shooting. We have sparring partners from both the police, the private security industry, shooters, and high risk advisers who help us with feedback on our products, thereby promoting development to the optimum. We know it is frustrating to be with equipment that either does not work as intended or does not work optimally for the purpose, we know this precisely because we have been in similar situations, and know how much it means to have the right equipment in a sharp situation. With us, you can get a kydex solution that suits your needs, regardless of whether you are in the defense, police, security industry, sports shooter, or airsoft player. We can manufacture most things, and in most colors, by special design / pattern, however, we must first find a dealer of it and have it home before we can make it. Unfortunately, we have experienced a single case of delay in customs, and therefore it may happen that there is extra waiting time for goods from the United States. It is of course regrettable if your particular order should get stuck, as it is extremely rare that this happens, but therefore we need to inform our customers that the problem could arise. DANISH KYDEX is in a rapid development, as there are not many who manufacture it in DK, but here you get the opportunity for a unique solution, for your specific needs. For large orders, however, you must expect extra processing time.