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Dance's Sporting Goods


Dance's Sporting Goods

Type of company:

Trading company (dealer, distributor)


United States of America



About Company

Back in early 1976, the Dance Brothers (Forrest & Marlon) and their father had an entrepreneurial spirit that could not be tamed. They wanted to become more involved in the community and serve the folks around town with something they wanted and needed. After a great deal of thought they decided, what better to establish in the market than a sporting goods store to fill the needs of good ol' boys & gals across the southern end of the Old Dominion state? Thus, in April of 1976 Dance's Sporting Goods was born.

We began in a small shop on Wakefield Street in Petersburg, VA and the other side of the building housed Marlon and Forrest's mother's dance studio. The original store had just a small section for all of the departments we have today, but even back then we had a snackbar now deemed "The Bear's Den" after Forrest and Marlon's father "Bear." A lot of late nights were spent in that store making sure every customer was taken care of and making sure the shelves were stocked and new products ordered, but it was all worth it and has led us to where we are today.