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Dalian Enterprises Inc


Dalian Enterprises Inc

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Trading company





About Company

Dalian Enterprises Inc. is a Canadian Aboriginal company that specializes in IT Security, Networking and Data Centre/Virtualization technology solutions.

DALIAN defines innovative and cost-effective business solutions tailored for its clients in business sectors that include Canadian Federal and Provincial Government, private and commercial enterprise and Canadian Aboriginal communities.

DALIAN represents a broad range of proven, industry-leading technologies and services that enable business to focus on core competencies while remaining assured that the underlying IT infrastructure is working to secure and augment applications, communications and collaboration. As the business world evolves, DALIAN responds quickly and effectively with improved products and services that reflect business needs and security challenges.

DALIAN provides and supports a number of supply vehicles through which its clients can procure and constantly seeks to increase the range of products and services that are available through them.