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Dalgalan defence

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Hundreds of brands and models of a product exist in globalized world, companies are spending millions of dollars only for launch an operation to differentiation. Plasmarket is working hard for recognized to differentiation in the industry for more preferable and conscious of healthy communication and provide a precise balance with consumer. Our Company was founded as a family business in 1988. Since its first day, we are holding the company at high levels and acted according to the terms of the technology era with skilled staff. With the knowledge and its experience, we began to production life with making plastic injection toolings.

Plasmarket, able to meet the market needs more than one sector with the ergonomically designed plastic household appliances, weapon industry, tooling and mass production of plastic parts. Our R&D department working on emphasis with Innovative and developer spirit. Plasmarket made technologically investments which is integrated into 33.000 meter square facility to produce easy to use, aesthetic, healty produce and ergonomically designed products for the needs of the modern world.