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  • Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.

Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.


Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.

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Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America

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About Company

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company/Galazan’s started in 1975 by our current president Antony Galazan.  Mr. Galazan as a young man was visited by the ATF and because of the volume of guns they suggested that a license should be applied for and that is when the business officially started 33 years ago.  The main focus at the time was used shotguns and barrel gauges and screws which are still being manufactured by the company. In approximately 1991 the company was incorporated.

The company is now in its 3rd location and is over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing.  We manufacture the following guns:  A. H. Fox, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company Model 21, A. Galazan Over & Under, Galazan Side by Side, RBL Launch Edition, RBL 28 gauge, NRA RBL Signature Edition.

In 1991 we started manufacturing the sidelock over and under, in 1992 the Fox shotgun, in 1995 the Winchester Custom Shop for the Model 21 was purchased.  They have since come out with a side by side sidelock, the Parker shotgun for Remington, in 2006 the very high quality and affordable RBL line now available in 28 gauge, also some unique limited edition guns like Model 21 .22 rifles, large bore double rifles, .22 Fox double rifles, we also do repair work exclusively on the Model 21 under an agreement with Winchester, buy and sell used shotguns and carry many hard to find proprietary shotgun products; over 3000 different items many available exclusively through Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company.  In 2008 Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company became the sole distributor of the B. Rizzini line of high quality shotguns.

When someone first comes to Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company one comment we hear over and over again that is obvious, our concern more than anything else, more than making money is that we build the best guns we can produce.

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company is a completely integrated company.  We make our own designs, with our own engineers, we make our own tooling, we make our own fixturing, we make our own prototypes, we make our own guns and their components.   It cost more, but the end product is superior to virtually anyone else.  You would be surprised to find out most shotgun manufacturers in our category are merely assembling operations at best.  By manufacturing from the foundation up, from the inception of the project, it allows us to build an uncompromised product.  We understand the interplay of design and from there, the actual manufacturing.  When we have a new design or idea, our only goal is to make the best, not how much it costs that is why you can have confidence in the superior products from Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. If you want the best, that is what we are offering, it is made in America with pride, craftsmanship, and without compromise.

Because we know the product so well, we stand behind the guns we make, supporting them 100% and to the original owners we offer unprecedented warranties.  In many cases, including finish wear.  We have been in the gun business for over 34 years and enjoy a reputation that is unequaled to support our products to the customer’s satisfaction.

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