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Combat Bound LLC


Combat Bound LLC

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Trading company (dealer, distributor)


United States of America

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About Company

We are the Warfighter. We have been there in the mud and the muck, wishing for a piece of equipment that might save a life or support that never came. We have walked more miles in more boots in hostile and austere environments wishing a piece of equipment might be lighter or easier to carry. We have served from Helmand to Mosul, from CONUS assignments to deployments in SE Asia. We've fought and trained with Special Operations and Conventional Forces globally. We have established and experimented with concepts and capabilities, been mentored by some of the best Warfighters in the last three decades. We are you and you are us. Bringing the best capabilities to those on the line means more to us than any profit margin. We stand with our Sisters and Brothers in Arms, we stand with the First Responders who form a shield wall between society and disorder.