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Cobra Tactical, Inc

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Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America

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About Company

Cobra Tactical, Inc is a firearms manufacturer FFL07. We got our start in 2003 selling quality tactical gear to our military and law enforcement friends stateside and deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots around the world. We provided gear to our service men and women when no one else would. We began manufacturing parts for a large military contract company SAIC which was then transferred to General Dynamics. Since then we have be manufacturing uppers and other weapon related parts. We understood then, and still do, the importance of quality and what that quality means to our warriors. Cobra Tactical, Inc responded to our customers in 2011 by securing our FFL07 and began making quality complete AR-15 style firearms. For the last couple of years, Cobra Tactical has been making ammunition. Mostly 5.56mm, 9mm, 40SW, and .45ACP. Our ammunition has gained a strong local following and we expect this to get even better as we develop and increase our production. We now have four main divisions: Firearms Manufacturing, Ammunition Manufacturing, Gunsmithing and Firearms and Tactical Supply.

Our gunsmiths and armorers have over 17 years combined experience.

We offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on our firearms.

Our firearms are built to last and we stand behind every one we build, literally and figuratively.

Cobra Tactical, Inc has been fortunate to be affiliated with some of the most elite military, police units in the World: Including but definitely not limited to:

US Marine Corps

US Army

US Navy

US Air Force

US Coast Guard







AEGIS (Team members)


Cobra Tactical, Inc Training

We are NRA certified firearms instructors. Cobra Tactical, Inc offers personalized firearms instructions as well as small class instruction.