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Centurio Design

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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Dutch, English, German

About Company

The company was founded in Germany, Munster (North Rhine-Westphalia) under the name “Combat System” in 2005. CenturioLight® was the first product line which was manufactured by Combat Systems. Very quickly it was decided by the management to change the name, because in Centurio® the focus clear  on lighting system such examples flashlights, searchlights, and LLLW® product for military and law enforcement market so this company was renamed in Centurio®. Our company is continuing its efforts to develop even more revolutionary elements and products. Another business of Centurio® is also the so-called “Action Sports” market. Our target groups are the Oudoor / Mountain Climbing, Survival / EDC fans, diving and in the off-road motor sports “Rally / Trophy” simply said friends of adventure and extreme outdoor sports. Again, almost all the high-end and by far the highest quality products used. Our experience in the relevant military and law enforcement field us is there to good and opens a new standard in these areas when it comes to portables, strong lighting system from our house.