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Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




English, French

About Company

The BRETTON & GAUCHER companies are steeped in fascinating history that goes back a long way. They have always been the high-flyers when it comes to the creativity and quality of their products.

The joining of these two companies has allowed for new production means to be pooled with a view to expanding the product range we have the pleasure of presenting to you.

Our target is to ensure that our expertise is ever at the service of our clients.





GAUCHER dates back to its creation in 1834, hence its extensive experience in the production and marketing of shooting arms.

A background which is somewhat exceptional nowadays in the French economic context.

From 1834 to 1900, little information was available until the release of a catalogue in 1902 boasting the wealth of the range of the products manufactured. As far back as then it featured double barrel rifles and also the famous American arms that GAUCHER represented in France. The company's evolution went hand in hand with that of France when French products and those of GAUCHER were sold in the overseas branches (RIO DE JANEIRO, BUENOS-AIRES, NEW ORLEANS, SINGAPORE, CAPETOWN, HANOI and ALGIERS where the company had its own store)

After the second world war, the company life remained steady with the release of new products.

The BRETTON trademark came about in 1934, straight away specialising in Baby lightweight shotguns.

The production, very craftsmanlike at the onset, gradually modernised itself until it consequently became out and out industrial.

New models (Fair-Play breaking down, combination) appeared between 1985 and 1995 to keep pace with the shooters' requirements.

Then faced with the ever demanding arms market, the two companies merged in 2000

to give birth to BRETTON-GAUCHER.

Company expertise and services

Apart from the production of our own range of products, we obviously provide the after-sales and maintenance service for our arms.

We can also perform full reconditioning of your shotgun or rifle (adjusting, operation, polishing, engraving, blueing, wood renovation, etc).

We can also take care of putting any firearm through the official test bench.