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Arrieta Shotguns


Arrieta Shotguns

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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English, Spanish

About Company

Fine Shotguns
Since 1940, Arrieta has been synonymous with the finest handmade shotguns and side by side rifles. The talent of the company’s founder Avelino Arrieta has made it possible for the small-scale activity to become a highly competitive family owned company delivering the finest firearms worldwide.

Arrieta exclusively supplies the best Spanish sidelock shotguns, hand-made by a team of very skilled gunsmiths, including those who worked with the company following their parents footsteps. Such an exceptional quality is noticeable in the fine materials used and the carefully executed details. State of the art engraving, hand-applied oil finish to the wooden elements of the finest walnut are examples of the dedication and devotion that stand behind an Arrieta shotgun and side by side rifle