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  • Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.
  • Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.
  • Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.
  • Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.


Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production), Trading company (dealer, distributor)



Established in:


Total employees:



French, German, Finnish, English

About Company

For many years we’ve been accumulating experience and thoroughly investigated the real requirements of the end customers who wanted to obtain a quality and reliable light. We speak about military officers and Special Forces, hunters and divers, rescuers and firemen, speleologists and bikers - all the enthusiastic and demanding people. 

Now our product line consists of 32 models and 12 kinds of original accessories which are represented in 52 countries of the world, but in the nearest future 21 new models of flashlights will be released, which altogether will cover every significant sphere.

We decided to implement in our products only the best LEDs and cutting-edge electronics made in Japan and the USA to obtain the revolutionary and unprecedented results.

You are able to throw almost all our flashlights from 10th-floor height and submerge them at 50 meters. Why? We’ve just put in such great margin of safety.

10 years no-hassle warranty. 

We bust myths.

No more compromises. 

Forget everything you’ve known about flashlights before.



Canadian manufacturer and own factory.

Designed especially for your needs.

The team of scientists and engineers engaged in military and space industry.

The best and tried-and-true components by the USA and Japan.

Particular attention to durability and technologies, not only to external design.