• AlmaDK LLP




Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


Kazakh, English, Russian

About Company

“AlmaDK”, LLP possesses the general governmental license №13011097 to : develop, produce, repair, purchase and sell ammunition, armament and military equipment, spare parts, product and device components, specific materials and equipment for its production, including mounting, adjustment, modernization, installation, usage, storage, repair and service, given by Industry Committee of the Ministry of Industry and New Technology of Republic of Kazakhstan ,executing government defense orders by production and output of military simulated product. The assembling of М-2,М-3,B2G gas masks, flash and bang, flash and sound, tear gas non-lethal grenades takes place at production and technical base as well. There is a contract signed between AlmaDK company and our French manufacturing partners on grenades with shocking elements assembling. Signal mines and 30mm signal cartridges are under process for future production.