Thermal Rifle Scope TWS-3100CG/ TWS-3100CGxl

Thermal Rifle Scope TWS-3100CG/ TWS-3100CGxl


About Product

TWS-3000 family Weapon Mountable Thermal Imaging Sights gathered the most up to date technological advancements, currently developed. It’s unbeatable performance and unique features was achieved with GSCI experience, professional, thorough technical knowledge and market research.

Devices have been built in accordance to GSCI proprietary LDH™ Concept (Light Durable Housing), have CNC machined aircraft aluminum rigid, light weight bodies and smallest in Industry physical dimensions.

TWS-3100xl supplied with quality crafted 1913 Picatinny mounts. Additionally it may be equipped with an optional Recoil Absorbing Rail Mount RAM: great addon value which helps to save precise optical electronic components while using the scope with heavy recoil guns. Hot Swappable Batteries feature allows to replace batteries one-by-one without switching the device OFF.


+ High refresh rate: up to 50 Hz;

+ Shutterless and soundless Xti Technology;

+ Low power consumption;

+ Digital Zoom controls 2x-4x;

+ Black hot/ White hot polarity;

+ Manual/Automatic sensitivity control;

+ 24 hours operation;

+ Video out, ready for wireless transmission;

+ High Resolution 800×600 OLED display.