MRE Quality Accessories (HALAL)

MRE Quality Accessories (HALAL)


About Product

MRE accessories play an equally important part in the shelf life of a 24h ration pack.

As these accessories usually make up 50% of the calories and nutritional values, it is of utmost importance that they are prepared under stringent Mil-Spec packing and preparation.

Under moist conditions, biscuits will turn soft and stale at a faster rate due to moisture absorption through the standard market packaging.

This applies for sugar, salt, pepper and other condiments.

Golden Season provides the very best in the field at the most competitive prices. Our MRE accessory packs are bestowed with extended shelf life and added freshness when consumed by soldiers in the field.

Integrating these with our MRE entrees, we provide a complete package for a long life ration pack, with attention paid to the well being of soldiers who consume them.

All items HALAL, suitable for Muslim.