Grizzly jacket

Grizzly jacket


About Product

The unique Grizzly jacket combines a multitude of clever functions with so far unseen comfort and durability.

The special Blaze Ghost camo provides excellent visibility for your hunting buddies while keeping you completely invisible to the prey. This way, you achieve perfect safety without compromising your stealth capabilities.

The three-layer construction with the Porelle® membrane will keep you warm even to 0 degrees centigrade and by adding a mid-layer you will comfortable in even very low, freezing temperatures. On top of that, you get a Teflon treated surface and all of this gives you a jacket with water resistance and breathability like nothing else! The extreme durable outer-layer is fitted for heavy use and even a stalk through the brambles will not hurt it.

Among the many functionalities are holders for shells and cartridges, magnetic closures in the hood and pockets, making them silent to operate, a bespoke radio pocket, binocular attachment, under arm venting and much, much more.

The Grizzly jacket is the ultimate and uncompromising jacket for battue and driven hunt, when it is paramount that you are seen by you buddies – but never ever by the prey.