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Civil, Police & Law Enforcement

About Product

The aim of our lectures and courses in the field of safety is to train and teach participants to anticipate, identify, evaluate the risks of the situation and thus avoid dangerous situations before they occur.

Shooting training

The basis of missile training is to build trust in the weapon. The emphasis is on safe handling of the weapon and the priority is to practice defensive fire, i.e. short-range shooting.

Shooting training is intended for all those who are interested in personal safety and defense, but also for sports or interest shooting.

We focus on defensive shooting from 0 to 15 meters, because over 80% of the use of a firearm that kills or injures takes place at a distance of up to 6 meters.

For advanced students, this course of defensive shooting is focused on simulation and shooting under increased stress conditions so that it is as close as possible to real situations.

In shooting training, we learn to think about mental and physical balance, which helps them focus on a particular moment-shot.

We advise which firearm is right for self-defense, how to carry a gun in secret and how best to store the weapon.

We prepare clients for obtaining a firearms license.


As part of self-defense courses, we teach how to spend the shortest possible time in the presence of an attacker.

Programs for business

We organize educational events and programs that meet the needs of companies and bring many benefits to employees and their employers.

We can help build a positive corporate culture, increase trust and stability, safety of employees and the whole company, productivity of work and building effective teams.

Information course

We teach how not only to collect information, but also on the basis of extensive knowledge is to correctly sort, classify, evaluate and compite in the corresponding images of the situation.

The content of our courses is therefore the teaching of systematic and professional evaluation of information, which forms the basis of a continuous evaluation of the situation.

Assembling effective teams

We teach the benefits of teamwork, such as sharing individual experience and knowledge from each team member, creating a more efficient solution. We teach how to work together, rely on each other, combine our strengths and become a stronger team. Build trust while teaching that without trust, the team is falling apart.

We teach open communication, which is crucial when working in a team and that creates effective solutions in demanding group projects.

We teach conflict resolution skills in teams.

We teach to build loyalty to the team, which leads to a higher level of job satisfaction among employees.

We teach healthy risk-taking teams.

Internal investigation

We are true specialists in this kind of activity. For many years, we have worked alone in this area of security.

Internal investigations are probably the most shoo-in activity within any state or private sector.

A successful fight against this type of offences requires a highly qualified and creative approach from trainers.

We teach to detect leaking places within these units that can benefit security forces and state organizations and businesses with significant financial savings.

Preparing workers to detect such offences is very difficult, as opponents are usually well acquainted with internal regulations and tactical procedures. Their wrongdoings tend to be sophisticated, much more latent and conspiratorial than those of other transgressives.

As the negative impact of corruption, leaks and leakage, excessive violence, non-compliance with the established official procedure, etc. is accentuated across society, the courses are mainly focused on these topical topics.

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