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  • Thermal imaging sight D50TS1200R
  • Thermal imaging sight D50TS1200R

Thermal imaging sight D50TS1200R


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About Product

Thermal imaging sight D50TS1200R is intended to be used for observation, search and hunting in conditions of various illumination (day, twilight, night) and limited visibility (fog, snow, rain etc.). It allows to detect movable and immovable objects which have temperature contrast, to be exact: people, animals, buildings, green, vehicles, etc. The sight allows to find the aim, measure distance to it and to fulfill aim shot in conditions when other optical sights, night vision sights are not able to provide it. Each sight undergoes testing at shock table.

- built-in range finder with the distance up to 600 meters;
– optical magnification 3.5х;
– digital zoom 2х, 4х;
– detection range up to 1200 meters;
– resistance to shock load up to 600g;
– 5 types of aiming reticles with brightness control;
– inversion of image color is possible;
– information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view;
– it is possible to use outer power source (12V);
– manual adjustment of sensor amplification and micro display brightness.
– compact dimensions and small weight;
– various variants of mounting;
– simple and reliable system of adjusting with the help of classical mechanical adjustment roller;
– comprehensive eye relief.
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