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  • Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 2-10×50
  • Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 2-10×50
  • Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 2-10×50
  • Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 2-10×50
  • Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 2-10×50

Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 2-10×50


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About Product

The new series of STEINER rifle scopes rightly bears the name Nighthunter Xtreme, just like the tried-and-tested STEINER hunting binoculars for when only the best will do. The innovative Diamond-Night-Coating on the lenses offers optimal light yield over the entire visible spectrum. The HD optics image is razor-sharp right up to the edge, with bright and natural colours.

This gives you  brilliant and clear image when sighting through the rifle scope, just as you would experience when you observing with your binoculars. This significantly expands your possibilities on the hunt, especially in critical situations. Worldwide, in every season, under all lighting conditions. Measurments prove it. Compared to leading competitors, the light transmission curve of the new Nighthunter Xtreme rifle scopes offers clear advantages over the entire spectrum of the human visual faculty.


+ The continuously variable dimming of the illuminated red dot is high-tech;

+ The red dot can be adjusted from exremely bright for the best visibility even on snow and in glaring sunlight to very dim for night hunting;

+ Quickly and intuitively captured in fast-fire situations;

+ Very low reticle subtension for precise shot placement;

+ The especially soft reddish shade of the illuminated red dot does not change pupil expansion and thus retains the eye’s night-vision capability;

+ Operation is ergonomic and functional:  adjustments ring with good grip characteristics is easily reached and centrally located;

+ Tilt sensor deativates the illumination when the rifle is upright or placed on its side;

+ Immediate reactivation of the illuminated red dot as soon as soon as the rifle is placed in a firing possition;

+ Memory function stores the last brightness settings;

+ When the battery is running low a blinking light is triggered;

+ Five power zoom: high zoom factor always offers the correct magnification and a generous field of view;

+ STEINER Diamond Night-Coating: completely new coating for unparalleled light transmissin across the entire colour spectrum;

+ STEINER Nano-Protection : repels water and dirt for clear vision at all times and easy cleaning;

+ STEINER NoNoice: Sound-absorbing materials and silent operation
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