• SIERRA .44 CALIBER (.4295) 210 GR. JHC bullet
  • SIERRA .44 CALIBER (.4295) 210 GR. JHC bullet

SIERRA .44 CALIBER (.4295) 210 GR. JHC bullet


Market types:


Bullet type:

Hollow point

Caliber :

44 Magnum


Handgun Calibers

About Product

These bullets were designed for the hunter requiring accuracy, penetration and dependable expansion from a 44 Remington Magnum revolver. In 1982, Sierra introduced the 210 grain #8620 bullet with PowerJacket. The dependable Jacketed Hollow Cavity and PowerJacket design makes these bullets extremely versatile. They are true magnum bullets, featuring a heavy jacket and 1 1/2% antimony core, yet they will expand reliably at 44 Special velocities. These bullets are extremely effective on up to deer-size game. The 210 grain #8620 bullets are intended for larger, more tenacious game, but also are effective for deer-size game. Because these bullets have flat noses and cannelures, they may be roll-crimped for use in revolvers and all rifles with tubular magazines.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.4295 210 .163 .160 @ 1200 fps and above
.175 between 1200 and 900 fps
.170 @ 900 fps and below