• IZH RO-1 Volk.

IZH RO-1 Volk.


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Combination/ Drilling


30-06 Springfield, 9.3X64

About Product

The “Volk” hunting gun is designated for big, medium-sized and feather game. The barrels are joined into the unit by the breech ring. The upper barrel front bears a front sight. The barrel unit is joined with the gun bed due to the cylindrical bosses (journals) made on the breech ring side surfaces, which enter the appropriate bed grooves, and secured by the retainers found in the journals. The breech ring accommodates a dovetail base to accept a mount with an optical sight. The gun bed is a hollow body which houses a lock, trigger-and-firing mechanism, safety device. Strength and safety of the gun are provided by a locking device of the original construction. The construction ensures reliable locking of the barrel bores due to the breechblock, which performs a rotary and simultaneously progressive motion and locks on the T-shape lug in the breechblock lower portion and on the segment lug in the upper portion. The trigger-and-firing mechanism with inner hammers and two triggers is mounted on a common base which is detachable from the bed. The gun butt with pistol grip and fore end are made of walnut. Top quality barrels, their reliable fastening in the unit, sturdy breech action ensure high accuracy of fire and dependability of the gun while servicing.

Model: RO-1 Volk RO-1 Volk
Subgroup: combination gun combination gun
Manufacturer: Izhmash OJSC Izhmash OJSC
Action: Break Open Break Open
Made in: Russia Russia
Caliber: 9.3 x 64mm Brenneke 30-06 Springfield
Caliber2: 9.3 x 64mm Brenneke 30-06 Springfield
Gauge: 12 12
Chamber: 3" 3"
Barrel length: 21.65" 21.65"
Barrel finish: Blued Blued
Barrel type: Round Round
Stock type: Pistol Grip Pistol Grip
Stock material: Wood Wood
Stock finish: Brown Brown
Butt: Vented Recoil Pad Vented Recoil Pad
Overall length: 40.94" 40.94"
Sights: Fixed Fixed
Trigger: Double Double
Ejector/extractor: Ejectors Extractor
Weight: 8.81 lbs. 8.81 lbs.