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The PNP-MTHD thermal  monocular range is a world beating thermal surveillance product which is complemented by a wide range of specially developed accessories enabling the user to perform a huge variety of missions based on just one sensor platform --- PNP-MTHD.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Britain by Pyser-SGI to ISO 9001 quality levels the PNP-MTHD is the world’s smallest and lightest thermal imaging monocular. It uses an advanced glass reinforced polymer main body with a centre of mass as far to the rear as possible to minimise neck strain during prolonged operations. Two CR 123 batteries, for light weight, give up to 4 hours’ continuous operation. High quality IR optics are used for maximum image quality and the entire monocular body, electronics and optics are filled with dry nitrogen for ultimate reliability in all missions.

 When head/helmet worn in the 17mm lens option model the image as seen by the user is 1:1 ratio to actual size, therefore considerably enhancing judgements of distance and safety of manoeuvre. The 25 mm & 35 mm give Search & Rescue capability with a 1.5 & 2x optical magnification respectively.  2x and 4x digital zoom function are incorporated as standard.

Usable hand held, helmet mounted, head mounted or tripod mounted, the PNP-MTHD does everything. And this includes optional anti-mist filters and adaptors for attaching instantly to camcorders, DSLR cameras and CCTV cameras for total darkness surveillance. You can even power the PNP-MTHD directly from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket (via optional Pyser adaptor) 6v supply and take the live PAL video directly to any compatible recording device or transmitter at the same time as viewing with the naked eye.