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PM63 closed bolt semi auto

PM63 with closed bolt hammer system (semi auto)

The PM-63 submachine gun or the Pistolet Maszynowy wz.63 (automatic pistol of the 1963 model) was designed by the Polish gunsmith Pyotr Vilnevcic, the author of the excellent self-loading 9 mm VIS 35 Radom pistol. In 1963, the submachine gun PM-63 was adopted by the Polish army, and two years later it was sent to special forces. The PM-63 was also delivered to the GDR police.


Caliber: 9 × 18 (9mm Makarov)

Length of the weapon: 583/330 mm

Barrel length: 150 mm

Weight without cartridges: 1.6 kg.

Rate of fire: 650 rds / min

Store capacity: 15 or 25 cartridges