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  • Paintball Bb Gun

Paintball Bb Gun


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About Product

Product Description: Paintball bb gun

Specification of the paintball gun bb

Caliber: 0.68 cm Paintball gun

Power supply: CO2

Shooting: semi-automatic

Speed:> 300 fps (adjustable)

Effective range: 50 m; Max: 100 m

The advantage of the bb paintball gun

High quality aluminum alloy material

Chemical treatment of surface anode

High surface stiffness

Excellent mechanical function

Light weight and easy to carry

Packing of paintball gun бб

Length of the block: 52 cm

Unit weight: 1.4KGS

The size of the box (CM): 39.5 * 36 * 7

Carton weight: 1.66KGS

CTN Size (CM): 75x67x42

CTN Weight: 35KGS


CTN / 20 Container: 136CTNS

The history of the paintball gun bb

To begin with, you need to determine how much money you intend to invest in the token. As you know, playing paintball is not a cheap hobby, because there are so many things to consider. You need proper equipment before you start playing on the field. This equipment includes protection and, of course, a submachine gun. Therefore, it is important that you stick to your budget, and it is not advisable to invest all your money in a gun, because you need protection and additional equipment before you are allowed to play in the paintball field. Your best bet is to choose a marker that is within your budget range so that you have a little more money to invest in other accessories and protection.

There are other key factors that should be considered, for example, what type of paintball you intend to play and, first of all, which weapon suits your needs. It is known that the weapons of the US Army Baseball Deliver exactly what they advertise. The current owners are delighted with their accuracy and performance on the field, and you can be sure that if you invest in any of the positions of the US Army above, you will get the highest score. All of the above paintball guns are of excellent quality and are suitable for both beginners and advanced paintball players.

Attention from the paintball gun бб

Please read it before use.

Please note: you are probably harmed by negligence or error when taking pictures.

1. Those who shoot mischievously or teach a pistol to people or animals are likely to be punished by law.

2. Your eyes will be damaged if bullets accidentally run your eyes, it's very dangerous. So do not look at the muzzle at any time.

3. Shooting accidentally leads to great danger, so please shoot before taking the lid and aim at the object.

4. Muzzle should be trained on humans or animals or anywhere, where it can cause danger. Please cover the lid, except for shooting.

5. In those places where there are people or transport, it is not allowed to shoot.

6. Carrying a submachine gun, make sure that the muzzle is tightly closed with a lid and must be placed in a bag or box.

7. Please put it in a bag or box with a protected lid, without using it. And make sure that he does not touch the children, which is lower

8. Cover the muzzle with a secure lid. Attach sticky paper anywhere you can shoot. Please remove the ballistic box.

The use of the bb paintball gun

Training of troops

Internal Shooting

combat training program

fictitious battle

military maneuver

Building CS

Sports games in the open air

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