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  • NW-OWL10



Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Price per unit:

$257,000.00 - $500,000.00

Minimal order:


About Product

The description of unmanned aerial complex «Borey» with the drone «NW-OWL10»

The UAV «NW-OWL10» with high flying performance and classic reliable construction.

The diagnostics, flight mission planning and remote control can be performed through the wireless network connection.

Navigation system can flight without GPS signal with insignificant error (1.5-2 km during 1 hour).

It is possible to start with a rubber rope (bungee cord) or a catapult.

Landing is carried out on a parachute.

The ideology of this device in a minimum number of nodes and components that can lead to extraordinary situations. Preparation for a flight involves a connection of consoles and keels, quick plug-in electric connectors (excluding antenna connectors).

Having a 64 Ah lithium-ion battery the 6S is capable of getting up to 3.5 km or flying 4 hours at a speed of 62 km/h.

After the start overload action, a customizable automatic start timer completely eliminates the human factor in starting the engine.

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