• Hämmerli X-ESSE IPSC 6

Hämmerli X-ESSE IPSC 6


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About Product

One of the most popular pistols in the class universal. Willingly used by beginners and advanced shooters in kal.22lr. Standard Handle (black) is universal for the shooters left and right - hand.

Version of IPSC has the following modifications:

- modified fuse

- adjustable sports trigger

- 6 inch barrel

- micrometric sights (LPA + swivel bow tie) with contrasting white coating

- 11 mm mounting rail for scopes

Magazine 10-blasting.

Adjustable sights.

Gun complete with a plastic suitcase.

Produced in Germany, the gun is rooted in the competitive Walther Olympia model produced since 1952. Today it is one of the most popular models short, sporting firearms whose advantage is the versatility that allows both recreational shooters use for beginners as well as more professional training.

Gun perfectly in the hand. Here you should appreciate well-designed handle that despite its apparent simplicity surprisingly well and serves its purpose regardless of the size of the hand grip ensures the shooter. In part, this is due to a rough but pleasant to the touch surface of the handle named  Hi-Grip.

Design also deserves praise because this model has a modern look but classic silhouette. All manipulators are where you expect them, are readily available and easy to use.

As befits a product "Made in Germany" does not save on quality materials. The quality of materials and the quality of their processing is felt after taking the gun in your hand. X-esse makes a good impression even before we start shooting.

Features gun:

  • adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • precise, predictable operating trigger
  • 11mm rail for optical sights
  • Dispenser 10-blasting
  • without the possibility of spreading tools


  • The polymer suitcase
  • cleaning kit