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  • GP P1 DAO.



Market types:


Pistol type:


Caliber :

9×19mm Luger/Parabellum

About Product

P1DAO pistol with DAO trigger is designed maiDAOy for Police and law enforcement. Shorter barrel and slide makes the gun a compact version of K100, still maintaining the original firing capacity and the comfort of grip. This feature is appreciated at hidden carrying for personal defence. The accuracy and shooting action remains unchanged comparing to the full-sized models despite the shortened barrel. The standard sights contain side-adjustable steel rear sight and plastic front sight, fibre-optic sights fitted on customer´s demand. The K100 - P1(P1DAO) - P11 line of pistols is compatible in terms of basic components. This gives the user incomparable comfort when carried on daily basis. The traditionally excellent ergonomics of Grand POWER firearms has achieved with the Mk7 frame almost mastery. The grip can be customized with up to four different interchangeable grips which provide shooters with different types of hand anatomy absolute comfort. Also thanks to this characteristic P1DAO model shooters have been extremely successful and have chosen the Grand POWER brand over other producers. The P1D is equipped with a double-action oDAOy trigger mechanism with an external hammer. A double-action, also known as double action oDAOy (DAO) to prevent confusion with DA/SA designs, is similar to a DA revolver trigger mechanism. The trigger both cocks and releases the hammer. However there is no single action function. Conception of firing mechanism is based on a unique principle of locking the slide by rotating barrel which delivers increased comfort when shooting. Comparing to its competition provides less lift and minimizes the recoil. Controls are adapted to both left and right-handed shooters in the basic model. The slide is made of high quality CrNiMo steel, which guarantees a long durability for the firearm. The steel is heat processed to a hardness of 40 - 42 HRC and consequently carbonoxi-nitrided by technology QPQ to 750 HV. The metal container with slide rails is embedded in a plastic frame and is manufactured from high quality CrMo steel and reconditioned by QPQ technology to a surface hardness value of 700 HV. Hardness of the core material of the container is 30 HRC. Barrels are made of CrV steel and treated by carbonitriding to the depth of 0.5 mm. Hardness of the core material of the barrel is between 45 and 48 HRC. Surface hardness of the carbonitrided layer is from 52 to 54 HRC. The frame is made of high quality polyamide GF 30. 

Model: P1 DAO
Manufacturer: Grand Power
Action: Double Action Only (DAO)
Caliber: 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum)
Barrel length: 3.66"
Slide finish: Blued
Grooves: 6
Rate of twist: 1 in 9.84"
Frame material: Polymer
Frame finish: Black
Overall length: 7.36"
Height: 5.23
Width: 1.41
Sights: None
Trigger pull: 4.49 - 7.86 lbs.
Magazine capacity: 15
Grip: 4 exchangeable grips
Weight: 27.16 oz.
Rail: Yes
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