• DIPOL D-161 PRO NEW!!!
  • DIPOL D-161 PRO NEW!!!
  • DIPOL D-161 PRO NEW!!!
  • DIPOL D-161 PRO NEW!!!



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About Product

Dedal-180HR night vision riflescope is the first, but already enough effective device in a line of “Dedal”. Dedal-180HR provides the best technical parameters among competing sights Gen.I, as we are using image intensifier tube:

+ it realizes in ceramic-metal housing, that allows to install Dedal-180HR on smooth-bore and riffled guns, including .375H&H calibers;

+ with real 50 pl/mm resolution, that provides more accurate picture;

+ free from effect of spontaneous leaving of an aiming reticle, that happens in some competitive Gen.I sights.

The special rapid optics with internal objective focusing, provides the greatest possible quality of the image for this class. Thus, the model possesses in very compact sizes and in small weight. The aiming is carried out with the help of the Mil-Dot type reticle, allowing to determine the distance to animal through the reticle, knowing his approximate sizes. There is diode IR-illuminator in this model. It has variable power and luminescence spot, safe for the vision. The IR also is regulated in the vertical plane, which allows to exclude in some cases harmful lateral flares from trees (a grass, etc.). The mount for the gun is delivered, as a rule, without rigid mounting to the sight housing, that allows to realize special adaptation of the device to concrete model of the gun. The sight is the most available at the price range of the JSC Dedal-NV, which specialization are professional devices of Gen.II + and Gen.III.


+ 1.8, 2.8x magnification

+ Gen I HR

+ Special high light transmission optics with inner focusing of the objective + Long eye relief distance

+ Precision Mil-Dot reticle with adjustable brightness

+ Precision windage/elevation adjustment (15mm/100m) + Shockproof with heavy recoil (incl. .375H&H cal.)

+ Powerful hazard-free adjustable IR illuminator(75 mW)

+ Wide range of mounts

+ Waterproof/ Weather resistance

+ Light weight and compact