• Dedal D-450
  • Dedal D-450
  • Dedal D-450
  • Dedal D-450
  • Dedal D-450

Dedal D-450


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About Product

Dedal-450 series includes full-size sights of Gen.II + and Gen.III. According hunters responses Dedal-450-C is optimum on price/quality ratio in II +class. Sights have the extremely reliable design and without any fears can be installed on the guns of any calibers (.375H&H and .416Rigby). Exit pupil removing makes 50-90 mm, that allows to provide safe shooting at big calibers without loss of quality. During shifting, aiming reticle always remains at the center of device field of view, that provides maximum image resolution. The aiming is carried out with the help of the Mil-Dot type reticle, allowing to determine the distance to animal through the reticle, knowing his approximate sizes. Aiming reticle has the flashing cross-hair at the center of reticle. The sight has a left control switching toggles, but focusing of a lens is carried out by the toggle-switch on the top part of the housing, that it comfort to do also with a habitual right hand. There is powerful build-in diode IR-illuminator in this model. It has variable power and luminescence spot, safe for vision. The IR also is regulated in the vertical plane, that allows to exclude in some cases harmful lateral flares from trees (a grass, etc.). The mount for the weapon is delivered, as a rule, without rigid mounting to the sight housing, that allows to realize special adaptation of the device to concrete model of the weapon.


+ 4x magnification
+ Gen II+, III
+ Shockproof with heavy recoil (incl. .375H&H cal.)
+ Special high light transmission optics
+ Long eye relief
+ Centered MIL-DOT reticle with adjustable brightness at the centre
+ Precision tactical windage/elevation adjustment (1/2 MOA)
+ Powerful hazard-free IR illuminator (75 mW)
+ Wide range of mounts
+ Water resistance
+ Extremely light weigh