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  • CSV-9, Version 1-USA
  • CSV-9, Version 1-USA
  • CSV-9, Version 1-USA
  • CSV-9, Version 1-USA
  • CSV-9, Version 1-USA
  • CSV-9, Version 1-USA

CSV-9, Version 1-USA


Market types:


Price per unit:

$860.00 - $860.00

Minimal order:


Caliber :

9×19mm Luger/Parabellum

Pistol type:


About Product

Let me contact you with an offer of our CSV-9 weapons, versions 1, which have been approved by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosices) for sale in the USA.

CSV-9 is a brand of a family of weapons, which we can adapt to the customer's conditions and requirements based on its modular design. 

CSV-9 is a real jigsaw puzzle designed for customers who like to change the design of their weapon. Today, all you have to do is buy version 1 in the design that the customer currently wants and gradually buy additional accessories. He can then arbitrarily combine the forearm and stocks according to his current mood.

The customer therefore determines the design of his weapon himself. In a few moments, the customer can create a CSV-9 in a design that suits him at that moment. 

Isn't that fantastic? Variability is simply typical of the CSV-9.

CSV-9 was originally made as a weapon for personal protection and protection of health and property in version 1. 

Technical data:

Overall Length: 13,25 inches (336,55 mm)

Overall Height: 6,25 inches (158,75 mm)

Barrel Length: 4,875 inches with a rifled bore

Frame Construction: Steel

Weight: 71,5 ounces (2 223,65 gramů) with unloaded magazine

Caliber: 9x19 mm

Miscellaneous: Click adjustable target sights

As for the general description of the weapon and some of its characteristic elements. The dominant part of the CSV-9 is the steel holster of this weapon. Yes, the steel holster of the weapon. No dural, no polymer. This makes the CSV-9 an almost unbreakable weapon. All rails are duralumin. The components of the trigger mechanism are also all made of steel and are built into the plastic "handle" of the weapon, which includes the main shaft of the magazine carrying magazines Glock Gen 4 (and above) .... 10, 17, 19, 33 rounds. The cavity in the handle of the weapon itself is used as a storage place for a spare magazine. 

The controls of the weapon are double-sided. The winding lever can be inserted on both the right and left side during normal disassembly of the weapon. The fuse is switchable and double-sided. 

Finally, one more thing necessary to be highlighted. CSV-9 is designed to reduce the effect of cartridge pressure on the breech when opening the chamber, which results in saving the space of the breech and its stress and completely minimizes recoil during firing. Shooting therefore becomes more pleasant for the shooter. This design solution is especially popular with women and beginners.

Take a look at our accounts on Pinterest (ADSEC-consulting), Facebook (ADSEC - consulting) and Instagram (adsec_consulting), where there are a lot of videos and photos on CSV-9, such as a "school cut" or a new compensator, a lot of stocks and forearms.

If you are interested, write directly to our company ADSEC-consulting s.r.o.

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