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  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1
  • CSV-9, Version 1

CSV-9, Version 1


Market types:


Price per unit:

$811.00 - $811.00

Minimal order:


Pistol type:


Caliber :

9×19mm Luger/Parabellum

About Product

 From the Czech constructional and development company Ltd we got an agreement to selling their guns CSV-9.

 CZECH WEAPONS CSV-9 are an obvious choice, especially as weapons for fitness shooting and sport. In the event of a threat to life, a suitable weapon can be used to protect health and property, but also wherever you need to move in the tightest spaces to accompany vehicles to transport valuable goods and the like. They do not disturb and can be inconspicuous, hidden as a weapon waft.

 CSV-9 was a huge success at this year's Shot Show in Las Vegas. Ranked among the TOP 5 Carbines classified for pistol ammunition (YouTube Top 5 Pistol Caliber Carbines of SHOT Show 2022). Let us therefore give you some important information about our CSV-9 weapons.

Let us offer you all manufactured versions of CSV-9 now also in caliber 9 mm LUGER, 9 mm BROWNING COURT and 9x21 mm, which are designed directly for customers.

 CSV-9 is a brand of a family of weapons, which we can adapt to the customer's conditions and requirements based on its modular design.

 CSV-9 is a real jigsaw puzzle designed for customers who like to change the design of their weapon. Today, all you have to do is buy version in the design that the customer currently wants and gradually buy additional accessories. He can then arbitrarily combine the forearm and stocks according to his current mood, or create a "rough" CSV-9 without a stock with a compensator.

 The customer therefore determines the design of his weapon himself. In a few moments, the customer can create a CSV-9 in a design that suits him at that moment.

 Isn't that fantastic? Variability is simply typical of the CSV-9.

 CSV-9, it's just freedom and no compromise.

 CSV-9 was originally made as a weapon for personal protection and protection of health and property in version 1. After that we wanted to address the market with another version, where we assigned a modification to version 3 to CSV-9 version 1. Other versions were then made based on the requirements of our customers. Thus created the CSV-9 family of weapons, where the weapon is directly connected to the customer. The customer therefore determines the sales trend and the weapon he buys himself.

 If it presents during our cooperation that you have special requirements for the weapon, it is possible (if the mechanics of the weapon allows) to adjust the weapon according to the requirements of your market (however, it is necessary to motivate this requirement with a certain volume of demand - because such a requirement must become a commercial interest, not just the user-friendliness of one customer), for reasons of series production planning and compensation for the cost of conversion of production in the quantity taken.

 As for the general description of the weapon and some of its characteristic elements. The dominant part of the CSV-9 is the steel holster of this weapon. Yes, the steel holster of the weapon. No dural, no polymer. This makes the CSV-9 an almost unbreakable weapon. All rails are duralumin. The components of the trigger mechanism are also all made of steel and are built into the plastic "handle" of the weapon, which includes the main shaft of the magazine carrying magazines Glock Gen 4 (and above) .... 10, 17, 19, 33 rounds. The cavity in the handle of the weapon itself is used as a storage place for a spare magazine.

 The controls of the weapon are double-sided. The winding lever can be inserted on both the right and left side during normal disassembly of the weapon. The fuse is switchable and double-sided. The magazine catch is of the AR-15 type, one-sided, where the right-handed shooter controls it with the index finger of the right hand and the left-handed shooter with the thumb of the right hand. The magazine can be easily removed by both the right-hander and the left-handed shooter. There are many adapters to this weapon both for clamping any stock (and if the stock is specific, it is possible to extra make the adapter) and for attaching various forearms, especially on the basis of AR-15, if the customer does not choose from the standard offer of original forearms CSV-9 .

 Of course, with the looking for a reliable partner for the sale of weapons in your country, we want to create a base of a technical nature in order to train directly at the seller professional staff to make any adjustments or repairs. Moving weapons across borders for repair is complicated. It is therefore easier to train professional staff who will ensure the repair of the weapon in your country to the satisfaction of the customer. We have no problem with the delivery of spare parts. During the entire time that the CSV has been manufactured, defects in the main parts of the weapon (parts that are registered) have never, yes, really never occurred. Other parts can usually be sent by post. We solve this by agreement.

  Finally, one more thing necessary to be highlighted. CSV-9 is designed to reduce the effect of cartridge pressure on the breech when opening the chamber, which results in saving the space of the breech and its stress and completely minimizes recoil during firing. Shooting therefore becomes more pleasant for the shooter. This design solution is especially popular with women and beginners.

 We follow the philosophy that everyone who buys a CSV-9 belongs to a family of customers, where we are united by the ownership of the CSV-9 weapon. So taking care of our customer does not end with the purchase of a weapon, but we take care of him for the entire period of ownership of the CSV-9. Therefore, the provision of spare parts is a matter of course for us.

 The production of CSV-9 takes place periodically at 2-3 month intervals from the order.

 That is all we can offer you at the moment.

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