• CoVid Clip-On Video
  • CoVid Clip-On Video

CoVid Clip-On Video


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About Product

CoViD provides video data and image overlay injected into night vision image intensifier monocular and binocular hand held unit and goggles. Powered by a single CR123 battery, CoViD provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation.

Video information, input via the waterproof connector is merged along with the intensified scene content into CoVid’s integral OLED display which is projected into the full field of view of the intensifier. CoViD accepts any PAL or NTSC standard composite video input via a waterproof BNC connector. Simple controls enable the user to adjust the brightness of the injected video into the intensified device to enable scene, input or merged images to be displayed. Selectable modes allow improved viewing of video, text data, graphics or greyscale (Photographic) content.