• Truvelo CMS 14,5x114mm

Truvelo CMS 14,5x114mm


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Rifle type:

Bolt Action


14,5 X 114

About Product

The CMS 14,5x114mm is primarily designed as an anti-material sniper rifle. A variety of ammunition is available that can engage medium to heavy armoured vehicles and communication and guidance systems. This rifle boasts a very high muzzle velocity and enormous penetration power. Design features include a fully adjustable recoil assembly, adjustable grip, adjustable cheek piece, stanag picatinni rails and removable bipod.

Model: CMS 14,5x114mm

Bipod: Yes

Calibre: 14,5x114mm

Action Type: Bolt Action

Magazine Capacity: 5

Barrel Length: 992mm

Overall Length: 1810mm

Height: 280mm

Width: 85mm

Number of Rifling: 8, 1:16

Locking: 4 Lugs

Weight: 22kg [Including Telescope & Magazine]

Ammunition: Ball, AP, API, APT, T

Accuracy: 1 M.O.A at 500m (Ammunition Dependant)

Effective Range: 2500m [Ammunition Dependant]

Temperature Range: -35°C / +55°C

Adjustable Cheek Piece: Yes