• Arsenal BARR-95
  • Arsenal BARR-95
  • Arsenal BARR-95

Arsenal BARR-95


Market types:


Rifle type:

Bolt Action, AK Type



About Product

Individual weapon designed for hunting and competition shooting.
The BARR barrel bore is closed at the time of bolt carrier forward motion to its utmost forward position by turning the bolt placed in the bolt carrier.
The feeding of cartridges into the rifle is carried out from an arched plastic staggered magazine with a capacity of 5 rounds (BARR -95), BARR - 95L, BARR - 96, BARR - 96L, BARR - 100 and BARR - 97 Lux) or from special 5 round magazine ( BARR - 101 ). The sight consist of sector marked for shooting at a distance up to 800 m. The striker mechanism has a striking hammer that is being activated by the firing spring.
All the working parts of the rifle are made of solid steel.
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