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Manufacturer (own production)



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English, Russian

About Company

Fetter plant was established in 2001 to promote the development of Russian shooting sport and to meet the needs of a fast-growing Russian market of shotgun cartridges. Meanwhile the plant became the largest one in terms of production and sales and known for its traditional quality manufacturer. A  specialized area in Klimovsk town in Moscow region was chosen to arrange cartridges production. Nowadays the cartridges are manufactured on advanced Italian equipment which includes five high-speed automatic assembly lines with a total production capacity of up to 100 million annually. If necessary, this figure could be doubled without any additional capital investments.

To improve the quality of manufactured products Fetter plant specialists have combined and developed all their expertise to analyze, implement and master the process of shot production, as well as highly sophisticated technology of plastic case whole cycle production; wads containers have been designed and launched in a in a series of its own production. Imported equipment allows manufacturing products under strict quality control of components, processes and parameters, as it was modified in compliance with the requirements of specialized engineers and plant specialists.


Since May 2006 Fetter plant has been a member of the Union of armourers of Russia.

Fetter cooperates with leading Russian athletes in all shooting disciplines. In 2011 Fetter became the general sponsor of the European (31.07-14.08.2011) and World trap shooting Championships (3-14.09.2011) which took place in Belgrade, Serbia.

All this has allowed Fetter plant to confidently enter the domestic shotgun cartridge market with a high-quality product. It ensured permanent strong presence of a Fetter cartridge in the majority of Russia regions. And although the focus priority of the plant is on civilian ammunition market plant specialists believe that by means of some modifications in the technical process they will be able to produce cartridges for the specialized divisions of defense and law enforcement structures.