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  • Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (Baikal)

Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (Baikal)


Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (Baikal)

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




English, Russian

About Company

"IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD" JSC (“IMZ” JSC) is one of the largest enterprises of Russia's Agency on Conventional Armament.

The №375 Order of the USSR National Arms Commissioner, dated July 21, 1942, was a starting point in the history of enterprise. It said:

"In pursuance of the N° 2067 Decree of the State Defence Committee of 20.07.1942 I give the order to:

  1. Divide the N° 74 Plant into two independent plants

  2. Establish the independent plant named as the N° 622 State All-Union Small-Arms Plant for production of the Degtyarev and Simonov anti-tank rifles, Nagant revolvers, PT, AT and TT pistols, 26 mm signal pistols, ball mounts and Nordenfeld's igniting fuses."

In 1944 the plant has organized the manufacturing facilities for quantity-production of civil goods such as: motorcycles units, mining equipment, dial scales.

Within 1945 - 1955 the serially produced TT pistol was replaced by the PM - new army Makarov pistol, subsequently recognized as the best world pistol of its class. In total more than 5 million pistols were produced at the plant.

Substantial phase in maturity of plant was outset of the shotgun production in 1949. Started with the ZK - simple single-barrel model and the IZH-49 - double-barrel gun, the plant becomes the largest world manufacturer of sporting and hunting guns.

The high-precision steel-casting workshop was created in 1951. It was the first Russia's production shop of that kind.

Important event for the plant was inauguration in 1956 of the Gunsmithing and Engraving School for training the professional community of qualified gun makers, that allowed to develop and uphold the label of Izhevsk guns as high-quality and extremely dependable products. The Gunsmithing and Engraving School incorporates IMZ' traditions of highly artistic gun finish. Works of such skilled masters as L.M.Vassev, V.M.Beloborodov, A.A.Lekomzev etc. were honoured by high awards on many international exhibitions and have brought the deserved glory to the Izhevsk guns.

From 1956 to 1965 the prevailing technologies have been improved and radical upgrading of equipment carried out. New fabrication premises were built and production of new sporting and hunting guns (IZH-56, IZH-59, IZH-18 etc.) started.

In 1960 new production area for the IZH-Jupiter motorcycle engines was commissioned. In the shortest terms upon mastering the new products, the IMZ Launched their quantity production. In total more than 5 million engines of various models were produced since 1960.

In 1965 assimilation of car parts and units began. New workshop equipped with the latest automatic transfer lines and machine tools was built for production of the car units. And by 1970 production of rear axles and cardan shafts reached the annual output of 100 thousand pcs (over 3 million of rear axles and 4,5 million cardan shafts altogether).

Decision of the USSR Government to proceed to missile and rocket fabrication taken in 60th becomes the remarkable event in the life of IMZ' staff. During this period a number of specific articles was mastered such as: anti-tank guided missiles, portable anti-aircraft missile systems, air-to-air guided missiles, control systems for medium-range and tactical missiles.

By the Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium in 1966 the IMZ' merits in prototyping and fabrication of new materiel and successful fulfillment of the 1959-1965 All-Union Plan were honoured with the Lenin award.

In 1967 the new all-round mechanized shop for investment casting was put into operation. Equipped with up-to-date efficient equipment and potentially able to produce annually 5 thousand tons of cast parts, the workshop becomes the largest supplier of precision castings both in USSR and Europe.

Since 1973 the IMZ markets the IZH-27 shotgun.

Beginning from 1976 the production area of sophisticated electronic devices and systems for military materiel and armament was organized. Due to the active development of state-of-the-art "high technologies" the IMZ has turned into the largest instrument-making complex.

In 1982 the №300 industrial division intended to manufacture the guidance systems and equipment for medium-range and tactical missiles' ground control was created. Manufacture of these products requires the micron accuracy of parts manufactured and outstanding production level.

In 1985 - 1989 the industrial building №201 equipped with a machining complex was put into operation. The flexible production technology based on wide application of CNC machining centers with integrated CAM control system, allowed with the minimal expenses in short terms to master fabrication of intricate body parts. At the same time the new multistory office block was commissioned. Within the bounds of comprehensive purpose-oriented program the social sphere of the enterprise evolves very rapidly. The polyclinic intended for 850 visitings per day and supported with the most advanced equipment comes into use. The "Sosnovy" preventorium, the best in the Udmurt Republic by its facilities and one of the best in Russia, as well as the fitness camp were built. The first sanatorium in Republic "Lastochka" was opened. Pioneer fitness camp "Beriozovaya Roshcha" began to receive children. House­building was developing actively. The housing complex was implemented. It allowed to provide over 500-600 apartments annually. Regularly the funds are invested into development of the "Medvedevo" farm.

Since 1989 the enterprise was given the opportunity of autonomous export deliveries of sporting and hunting guns and other products.

After 1990 the volume of government orders for military materiel and armament has decreased. Therefore the IMZ took an orientation to expand the manufacture of civil arms intended for hunt, sport and self-defence, as well as to upgrade and to load the existing capacities with new products. The following new products appeared: various electric tools (since 1994), milk-filling and packing equipment (since 1991), pacemakers and programmers for medical use (since 1990), multi-purpose food processors (since 1990), gas-lift equipment (since 1996) and many other goods, competitive on commodity markets both inland and abroad. In 1996 the group of IMZ' personnel was awarded with the prize of the RF Government in the field of science and engineering for development and quantity production of extensive line of civil and service arms.

Starting from 1998 the company significantly expands the range and volume of export shotguns. From now onwards the IMZ supplies their products to US gun market.

In 2000 the 9 mm Yarygin army pistol was developed to succeed the legendary Makarov pistol.

The new stationary hospital of IMZ' medical department was constructed and put into use.

In 2001 with a view to introduce the power tools to the world market the enterprise participates in the IHF International Fair (Cologne, Germany). The MP-153 gun won the prize of "The 100 Best Russia's Products ", whereas the US popular gun magazines "Sports Afield" and " Guns & Ammo" recognized it as the gun of the year.

The MP-661K "Drozd" CO2 automatic pistol is in production from 2002.

Today the IMZ' share in export of sporting and hunting guns equals to over 70% and the "Baikal" guns are supplied to 65 countries. High reputation in world business confirm such awards as: Diploma of the International Association "Australian Discovery Market" ("ADM Business Consulting"), "The Crystal Nika" adjudged by the Coordinating Committee of the "Partnership for Progress" International Program, the national Peter the Great Prize, diplomas and gold medals of international exhibitions in Paris, Brno, Zagreb.

The enterprise evolves successfully due to the powerful intellectual potential, solid industrial base, constant quest for new technologies, perfection and steady renewal of products, improvement of their quality. All this facilitates expansion of business and trade links with foreign and local partners.