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Adler Arms Company

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English, Turkish

About Company

Adler ARMS COMPANY was founded in 2007 by Memiş Tarip from the veteran of the hunting rifle sector.

Based on the experiences of the 1960s, based on Memiş Tarip, ADLER ARMS COMPANY continues to grow by adopting principles of quality and innovation together with the professional staff it brings together.

Adler Gun has been proving himself with the lever action gunshipth at he has introduced to the endresult of his works to bring innovations to the world of hunting rifles and has been collecting the likes of his businesspartners in exports made in many countries of the world.

Adler Gun is aiming to move this succes forward with experience and continuous innovation principles.

Adler serves to its customers with lever action, semi-automatic, pumped, magazine and single-hunting rifles.